The Triangle 100, originally called “The Harvard 100,” is an experiment created to gauge the impact of leadership development  on nonprofit leaders and organizations.

A community-driven collective
of empowered nonprofit leaders

The Triangle Nonprofit 100 alumni are the next generation of nonprofit leaders. We’re transforming the nonprofit business model through a philosophy of open source philanthropy. We advance our learning and create broader mission-driven impact with an outcome versus outputs approach.

Invest in our shared future

Why should we invest in nonprofit leaders?

Nonprofit leaders and boards tend to confront the question of leadership development when faced with a succession crisis. The Triangle Nonprofit 100 vision for nonprofit leadership development was built on a proactive approach to cultivating leaders with a shared vision for creating sweeping community-wide change.

The Impact of Investing
in Nonprofit Leadership

The Program

Leading for Nonprofit Success




“Governing for
Nonprofit Success”

Our Alumni

Investment Leveraged for Impact

Transforming the Triangle
Nonprofit Community

Imagine the Possibilities in your City

Through the visionary leadership of Chuck ReCorr, more than 100 nonprofit leaders in the Triangle region of North Carolina have experienced this catalytic program. What would it look like to invest in leaders in your area in this way?